We believe the way to build better strategy and creative outcomes is to partner with our clients – listen, learn and collaborate.

Edgewater Marketing focuses on the food and foodservice industry. It’s an exciting, endlessly changing, fascinating field that touches everyone in our society. We love the business, attending industry conferences, volunteering on hunger initiatives and serving industry associations, creating a network that supports our client projects and initiatives. Edgewater works with a range of companies — from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies. We’ve built websites, created amazing consumer packaging, brainstormed new business ideas, designed effective branding programs and developed intensive educational networking opportunities.

In a nutshell, why talk to Edgewater about your next project?target

  1. For companies in foodservice, we understand the business. It’s our business too.
  2. We can put the right people on the job for you – starting with our core team of creative and marketing professionals.
  3. Our philosophy is to evaluate what you have that works, and build from there to improve your message, positioning and brand. We take a practical approach. But, if you need it, we can build a whole new program from scratch.
“Listening to other’s viewpoints may reveal the one thing needed to complete your goals.” —D. Ridgley
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