Our Team

Edgewater Marketing is a collaboration of talented individuals, dedicated to developing solid solutions for our clients.

As a team, we look for solid approaches to marketing challenges through creative solutions, sensible strategy, and practical decisions. And, if we can’t answer the challenge, we know someone who can.

Charlene/Principal and Team Leader

Charlene is the team leader and she also uses her extensive marketing experience to develop strategy, marketing plans and conduct primary research. In addition, utilizing her artistic and writing skills she is able to support the team and ensure clear and concise messaging for all client projects.

John/Website and Packaging

John is an experienced graphic designer with an edge. He has an astute marketing mind able to focus in on a company’s positioning and unique attributes to create graphic solutions that effectively communicate, ultimately supporting our client’s business success. Clear, logical messaging are signatures of John’s outstanding work.

Diana/Graphic Design

Diana always presents beautiful and functional approaches to brand identity and the collateral work that she creates — both digital and print. It’s not just about creating pretty pictures, but also looking at the big picture to continually organize and streamline content to help clarify our client’s core message.

Holly/Onsite Marketing

Holly is a brand strategist, marketing magic-maker and foodie with 20 years of experience in onsite dining and prepared meals manufacturing. Her diverse background includes strategic planning and integrated marketing campaigns for corporations, schools, residential, healthcare, emergency services, private label and retail brands. She loves sushi and craft beer, is a sucker for French macarons and can’t resist the smell of hot popcorn.

Emily/Social Media and Content Development

Emily is passionate about helping clients establish their online presence and develop their online identities to meet their sales and marketing goals. For nearly 10 years, she has provided content marketing and social media solutions, working with a variety of companies to develop, execute, and manage their marketing and media strategies.

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