Foodservice Consultants

It’s all in the message. You have a unique niche, does everyone know what you do best?

applesOur team has worked with foodservice consultants to hone their message, strengthen their position in the market, improve the look of their proposals and develop tactical elements to communicate it all. We’ve worked on client situation analysis, developed surveys and interviewed customers. As part of CG Strategies, we’ve designed programming for a consultant forum, and worked with consultant teams on educational components for design education. What can we help you with?


  • Positioning
  • Logo Development
  • Strategic Planning
  • Marketing Plans
  • Websites
  • Packaging
  • Brochures & Collateral
  • Trade Show Support
  • Social Media Planning & Content
  • New Product & Concept Development Support
  • Meeting Design & Execution
  • Focus Group Moderating
  • Interviewing & Surveys
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